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06/10 The promotion of renewable energy innovation: When State intervention and competition go hand in hand - Lionel Nesta, Francesco Vona
This policy brief addresses the issue of the complementarity of policies supporting renewable energy and market competition in fostering green innovation...

03/02 How can a basic income be defended? - Guillaume Allègre
Following the submission of 125,000 signatures collected by organizations (including BIEN Suisse) supporting the establishment of a basic income, Swiss citizens will vote in a referendum on a popular initiative to include the principle of an unconditional basic income in the Swiss Federal Constitution...

27/01 Croatia under the Excessive Deficit Procedure. Which measures should be implemented? - Sandrine Levasseur
Less than six months after its entry into the European Union (EU), the excessive deficit procedure (EDP) has been opened against Croatia. The government of Croatia now has to propose a corrective plan in order to bring the public deficit below 3% of GDP within a few years2. It is not the first time that an EDP coincides with entry into the EU. In 2004, six new members (the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Slovakia) were subject to a similar experience. But times are different...

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